A blog about building Resiliency and Improving lives

Welcome. I am your Resiliency Guide. Life: the blog is about building Resiliency and Relationships; and Improving lives. Life, as we know it, is primarily made up of people and relationships. It is the intermingling and interdependence of humankind that brings about the reality we call life. This site seeks to provide a medium for the free exchange of ideas and experiences of people that will hopefully be beneficial to themselves and others as we travel along life’s pathway. Ultimately, this blog seeks to uplift people, offer encouragement and support, strengthen each other, and maybe help each other to grow a little each day, and become better individuals or better partners. Hopefully, we can build a community of people who want to see each other thrive and make better life decisions. Is the blog supposed to be therapeutic? Why not? Often, all someone needs to do to feel better about themselves, or a situation is to talk it out with someone or write it out. Do you have a problem? Are you struggling with some vice? Do you feel lonely and trapped in a dark space? Let’s talk about it. Let’s share. The community may help to show you a different perspective and guide you toward the light out of the darkness. I am not here as an expert on anything. I am here to learn from you as well. I do have a lot of experience (and some training) in many different aspects of life and relationships—as do you—so hopefully, we can share ideas and viewpoints and learn from each other.

The site has two rooms (see images above): one for “Relationships” and one for “Self-improvement.” This way, if there are any risque conversations or frank language, you must be inside the room to read it. This arrangement will allow people to speak freely and plainly. A NO GO on this site, however, is any conversation that degrades, discriminate or defile anyone because of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political view, etc., etc. I imagine there are many sites out there to express those views—just not here. Click on a room to proceed. Let’s be Strong and Grow together!