69 Signs you are in an Unhealthy, Sick or Terminal Relationship

Challege your relationship. I do not have a Ph.D. in psychology, only a Ph.D. in life and bad relationships. The following Relationship Assessment is not intended to be the end-all, be-all of signs of a bad relationship. I am sure others can think of other signs of a bad relationship. However, I hope I have […]

Think it. Believe it. Work it. Receive it. How to manifest what you want in your life (Part II)

“Napoleon’s Secrets to getting what you want” The next step is to believe in what you are thinking or “planting in your mind.” Just as when you plant a crop of corn, you believe in reaping corn after a while. It is this belief that leads you to water the crop, clear the weeds and […]

Think it. Believe it. Work it. Receive it. How to Manifest What You Want in Your Life. (Part I)

Do you believe that you control the outcome of your life? Whether you do or not, to a great extent, you do. There are many circumstances outside of our control (e.g., wars, earthquakes, storms, etc.), but (for the most part) we control our lives with the decisions we make. More specifically, we dictate the outcome […]

What is your view about not accepting BS from any man or woman?

It amuses me every day—the idiosyncrasies of people. As I write this I am smiling. Why? I just read a post by a female who categorically stated that (paraphrasing) she ain’t taking shit from no man. Okay guys, off the bat, while this blog will not be riddled with profanity or impolite language, there will […]