Be the YOU tomorrow, today

What does “Be the YOU tomorrow, today,” means to you? You may need to think a little about it because it does sound sort of confusing. Have you ever said this or heard someone say, “I am going to be much more confident if I get this job,” or “When I get money, people will not be able to talk to me like that,” and so on and so on? Well, the question is why not be more confident now or why not stand up for yourself more now? Is it really the job that is going to make you more confident or the money that will make you have greater self-respect?

My Take

The answer is, “no.” It is not any of those external things; it is all about your thinking. The irony is, maybe if you were to start thinking and acting with more confidence, you would get that job that you thought you needed to get confident. So, why not be—today—the person you think you will be tomorrow after you get that job, by changing your mindset?  I have read many (or maybe just a few) books that suggest you adopt a virtue if you have one not. In other words, act the way you want to become, e.g., if you admire the way someone carries themselves or how they speak—copy them. Take their perceived positive quality and make it your own. Better still, develop your style that you want for yourself and start acting like that right now. You may not be believable to the world at first (maybe because you don’t really believe in it yourself), but it will get better with time, commitment, and practice. You may say, that is easier said than done—and you would be right. It is hard to see yourself as dry when you are drenched by the rain or imagine the sunshine during the storm, but you can learn. It’s all mental. Changing your mindset or perception of yourself is hard, but more than doable.

This is what has worked for me. I conduct a S.W.O.T. analysis of myself. Companies use SWOT analysis to determine their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to make strategic decisions about operations and production. In a nutshell, a SWOT analysis of yourself is an objective introspective analysis that should highlight your strengths (what you got going for you, e.g., you are smart and likable); your weaknesses (what you need to fix, e.g., you may need to lose some weight); your opportunities (possibilities to improve and grow, e.g. getting a promotion); threats (what could potentially slow your progress, e.g. having an unsupportive spouse). The aim of the SWOT analysis is product improvement—you are the product. To be effective, you must be honest with yourself; it makes no sense to lie about your strengths or ignore your glaring shortcomings. Be as complete as possible.

The next step is to train your brain to focus on your strengths and what your future self will look like after you have removed your weaknesses. To quote from my upcoming children’s book, Napoleon’s Secrets to Getting What You Want, “Each night before you go to sleep, each night before you rest; think only of the things you want, the things you love the best.” This simple statement will go a far way to getting you to be the you tomorrow, today. Memorize it. Internalize it. Repeat it to yourself as much as you need to keep you focused. Stop focusing on who you are now and focus instead on who you will be tomorrow. You must see yourself as how you imagine you will be; feel it, believe it, and you will become it. For, “When your wish is certain and firmly in your mind, keep on believing, it will come through, it’s just a matter of time” (Napoleon’s Secrets to Getting What You Want). I will have more to say about this in another post. Once you have identified your weaknesses and see clearly in your mind what the improved product will look like, it’s time to act. Knowing and believing in a changed you will go nowhere without action. If you need to lose weight, seeing yourself as slim and sexy is not enough to get there. You must forego that extra serving of cake or fries—and exercise! Again, it’s not easy, but doable and it is within your capacity. So, there you have it, change your life by changing your mind and start being the YOU tomorrow, today. What’s your take? c

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