Think it. Believe it. Work it. Receive it. How to Manifest What You Want in Your Life. (Part I)

Do you believe that you control the outcome of your life? Whether you do or not, to a great extent, you do. There are many circumstances outside of our control (e.g., wars, earthquakes, storms, etc.), but (for the most part) we control our lives with the decisions we make. More specifically, we dictate the outcome of our lives through our thoughts. Decision outcomes (e.g., going for a walk) is the physical manifestation of you thinking about going for a walk. It has been said that all of mankind’s physical manifestations (e.g., car, smartphone, bridge, etc.) were first conceived in the mind. So, what am I saying?

My Take
I am saying that you possess within yourself, all that is needed to be successful in life. One more time: YOU possess within YOURSELF, ALL that is needed to be SUCCESSFUL in life. What is a success you may ask? Success is simply getting what you want—whatever that may be (e.g., a car, better body, weight loss, millions of dollars, A on a paper, etc.). We all have a mind, and we all have the same capacity to use our minds to manifest into our lives that which we want. In this regard, all men are indeed created equal. I remember someone trying to tell me this when I was about 20 years old, and I brushed him off, because I did not understand it and it sounded a little too “out there” or mystical. So, let us not make this seem supernatural or mystical. Instead, let’s look at it in a practical sense. Can you agree that for a contractor to build a house, there first needs to be a plan or blueprint? Can you further agree that the blueprint will be generated based on the idea of someone and how they think the house should look? So, it seems that idea plus effort equals results. It is that simple: not mystical. You must first know what you want, develop a desire for what you want, and work diligently toward achieving it. In my mind, this is the success principle.

The first step toward a more successful you is learning to control your thoughts. Quoting from my soon-to-be-released children’s book, Napoleon’s Secrets to getting what you want, “Remember, your mind is like a garden, in which good things shall grow.” See your mind as a garden, and anything you plant in it will grow. For example, if you keep planting in your mind that you are poor, broke, and have no money, guess what? That is exactly what you will continue to reap because you can only reap what you sow. Your mind is impartial. It can only return to you what you put into it. Can an apple seed produce an orange tree or a grape seed a pear tree?

Similarly, good results cannot come from negative thoughts, only negative results. Also, remember that the weeds and the roses grow side by side in the same soil; and the weeds will overpower the roses if you do not cut them out. Quoting from the book again, “…think only of the things you want, the things you love the best.” Do not allow the weeds (negative thoughts) to take root in your mind. Don’t say, “I do not want to continue being poor.” Say instead, “I am rich.” Your positive affirmations (i.e., declarations of what you want)—which is how you plant positive thoughts in your mind—should contain only positive words. Remember, only plant what you want. You know it takes time for a seed to germinate and start to push out from the earth; take root and grow into a big tree. It is the same for you and your positive affirmations—it will take time for you to clear out your mind, re-till the soil, plant new thoughts and maintain the garden. It is an everyday effort. Various individuals have suggested saying your affirmations right before bed, first thing in the morning, and at multiple times during the day. You can also write them on your bathroom mirror or somewhere near your bed, so you can readily see them each day. Memorize and internalize them. Another thing about affirmations is to try to have only one or two at a time. Make them specific and positive. Focus on achieving those and then move on to something else. Here is an example: “I will have $50,000 in my bank account by the end of the year.” Instead of “I will have money in my account soon.” Again, do not see these repeated affirmations as some hocus-pocus exercise in which you keep repeating them, and suddenly things will magically appear in your life. Look at it as a practical exercise of clearing out bad thoughts and habits and replacing them with new positive thoughts about what you want, and they require daily maintenance for them to take root and grow.

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